The best Iranian movies are the best known movies in Arabian cinema. Iranian films often win awards at the different international film competitions. The first of Irani movies was Haji Agha made by Professor Ovanes Ohanian. The most notable persons of that time were Esmail Koushan and Farrokh Ghaffari. They influenced on all Iranian cinema history. You can download Iranian movies form our site! The main source of inspiration was the Persian literature and the Persian mythology. The Iranian film industry extremely increased in the 1960s. Over 20 films were produced annually. After 1979 when Khomeini led the country, film making industry was almost destroyed by heavy Muslim censorship. But in 1989, when Khomeini died, Iranian cinema began to rise up. Taste Of Cherry is a pearl of Iranian movies. Download it right now! It won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997. Here you can Irani movies download in high quality. Nowadays young Iranian directors create a number of successful Iranian films. Download and enjoy them! for example: Rassul Sadr Ameli's I’m Taraneh, 15, Rakhshan Bani-Etemad's Under The Skin Of The City, Bahman Ghobadi's Marooned In Iraq and Manijeh Hekmat's Women's Prison.

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A Separation

Nader ('Peyman Moaadi' )and Simin ( ) argue about living abroad. Simin prefers to live abroad to provide better opportunities for their only daughter, Termeh. However, Nader refuses to go because he thinks he must stay in Iran and take care of his father (Ali-Asghar Shahbazi), who suffers from Alzheimers. However, Simin is determined to get a divorce and leave the country with her daughter.

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Copie conforme

James Miller has just written a book on the value of a copy versus the original work of art. At a book reading, a woman gives him her address, and the next day they meet and take a country-side drive to a local Italian village. Here, they discuss various works of art found in the town, and also the nature of their relationship - which gets both more revealed and concealed as the day progresses.

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The Hunter

In an act of vengeance, a young man, randomly kills two police officers. He escapes to the forest, where he is arrested by two other officers. The three men are surrounded by trees, the woods. They are lost in a maze, a desolate landscape, where the boundaries between the hunter and the hunted are difficult to perceive.

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