The first Kazakhstan movies were filmed in 1920s when Kazakhstan became one of the Soviet Union Republics. Few Kazakhstan films were shot in 1930s. The soviet authorities used cinema as propaganda of collectivization and modernization and against Muslim traditions. During the Second World War two biggest Soviet film studios from Moscow and Leningrad were moved to the capital of Kazakhstan Alma-Ata. It was a good school for Kazakh's directors. But only in 1954 A Love Poem, the first Kazakh feature film, was made by Chaken Aimanov. In 1960s the New Wave of Kazakh cinema started. Kazakhstan film such as Sultan Khodjikov's Kyz Jibek (1971) and Chaken Aimanov's The End of Ataman (1971) became very popular. K. Kassymbekov's film Chok and Cher (1971) received the Monte Carlo Festival silver award. In 1980s a group of young Kazakh directors studied in Moscow. After that the Second New Wave of Kazakh's cinema has started. Ermek Chinarbaev's My Sister Lucy (1985), Abay Karpykov's A Small Fish in Love (1989), Surzhekei - Angel of Death (1991) by Damir Manabaev, Amir Karakulov's Last Holidays (1996) and Darezhan Omirbaev's Jol (2001) were critically acclaimed. After receiving independence Kazakhstan cinema was almost broken, but in 2000s it seems to be rising up. Such Kazakhstan films as Nomad (2005 film) by Sergei Bodrov and Tulpan (2008) became popular not only in Kazakhstan.

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Rebirth of a nation. Not since Genghis Khan has anyone united the Kazakh tribes. Jungar tribesmen of Mongolia rule Kazakh land, but a prophecy has it that a descendant of Genghis will unite his people. Oraz the Wise travels the land looking for the child who will fulfill the prophecy. He finds that infant and protects him from the warriors of Galdan, the Jungar king. Oraz recruits one lad from each Kazakh tribe and teaches them the art of war, loyalty, and camaraderie. Two are the best: Mansur and Erali. They are like brothers. Each must prove himself; both fall in love with the same young woman; both fall into enemy hands. At what cost does a prophecy come to pass?

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