There are nearly 20 Malaysian movies produced annually. The very first Malaysian movies were shot in early 1930s. Leila Majnun directed by B.S. Rajhans in 1933 was the first of Malaysian films. There were five or six movies produced by Shaw Brothers Studio before 1941. Later, in 1948, P. Ramlee - the legendary of the Malay film industry, made his first film Cinta (Love). In 1960s movies of Malaysia were mostly based on traditional fairy-tales, historical novels, events and stage plays. Shaw Brothers Studio produced Hang Tuah and Raja Bersiong about legendary Malaysian warrior. Since 1975 when the successful film Keluarga Comat (Comat’s Family) was created the revitalization of the Malaysian film industry has been started. National Film Development Corporation of Malaysia was founded in 1981 to promote the Malay cinema in the world. So the domestic film industry grew up from seven films in 1999 to twenty six films in 2009. Malaysia also holds its own annual National Film Festival. You can find the Malaysian movies and download them on our site and enjoy!

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The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines

The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines (released in Malaysia as "Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa") is an adventure feature film set against the backdrop of ancient Malay, Roman and Chinese civilizations. It tells the tale of the journey of Merong Mahawangsa escorting a Roman prince to wed a beautiful Chinese princess during the 2nd century. Featuring an international cast, The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines combines elements of romance, adventure, coupled with a strong dose of hand-to-hand combat & martial arts.

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