After an extreme growth in 1990s and 2000s the cinema of Nigeria became the second biggest film industry in the world after Indian cinema. 1,200 films are produced in Nigeria annually and according to different reports Nollywood is a $200-500-million industry. The first Nigerian movies were filmed in 1960s. But only few Nigerian movies were screened during 1970s and 1980s. The boom of Nigerian films started in 1992 when Living in Bondage became very successful. It was the beginning of Nollywood - the Nigerian film industry. Since that moment thousands of Nigerian films were presented. Most of Nigerian movies are about the local problems, Christian and Islamic opposition, Nigerian society. There are almost no studios in Nigeria, all films are made in homes, rented apartments, hotels and offices. One of the most notable figures in Nigerian cinema is Chico Ejiro ("Mr. Prolific"), who directed over 80 Nigerian movies during 8 years. He can shoot a film for three days. The Nollywood film industry is growing each year.

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Black Ops operative Malcolm Gray returns home after a botched mission in Eastern Europe. Holed up in a Brooklyn motel room, he is torn between retribution and personal salvation as he mentally unravels. When the walls close in, his story may be all he can leave behind.

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