The cinema history of Panama is very poor, despite of the fact that in the very early years, the famous Eadweard J. Muybridge, the British photographer, shot some frames in Panama. Panama has received the true independence in 1999. This is why the cinematic history of the country is absent . Only nowadays Panama has made some steps to create a film industry to produce Panama movies. Recently founded the Panama Film Conservatory aims to teach Panamanian students the whole cycle of film making and give to the students an opportunity to win a scholarship from international film universities. Few film production companies have founded businesses in Panama City mostly because of the beautiful nature of Panama. Panama has taken part in several co-productions mostly with Argentina and Mexico. Few filmmakers have founded the CIMAS - an Association of Panamanian film- and video makers. The Panama films are often used to rise up political and cultural ties with neighbors. In 2001 Switzerland screened 12 Swiss movies in Panama's University; the US Embassy in Panama held a Baseball Film Festival. The future of cinema in Panama looks rather optimistic.

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Los colores de la montaña

Manuel, 9, has an old ball with which he plays football every day in the countryside. He dreams of becoming a great goalkeeper. His wishes seem set to come true when Ernest, his father, gives him a new ball. But an unexpected accident sends the ball flying into a minefield. Despite the danger, Manuel refuses to abandon his treasure... He convinces Julián and Poca Luz, his two friends, to rescue it with him. Amid the adventures and kids' games, the signs of armed conflict start to appear in the lives of the inhabitants of 'La Pradera'.

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