The Vietnamese cinema was originated in 1920 by group of intellectuals. The first Vietnamese movies were made form 1937 to 1940 (True to Love, Song of Triumph). During the war times just few Vietnamese films were shot. In 1956 the film studio in Hanoi was founded. Its work was aimed at filming documentary war movies. Form 1965 till 1973, 463 newsreels, 307 documentaries and 141 scientific films were produced, and just 36 feature films and 27 cartoons. Films were also produced in Saigon (South Vietnam). The most notable film is We Want To Live about the situation in Northern Vietnam. Also few films were made in co-production with Americans. Such as A Yank in Vietnam, or Year of the Tiger in 1964. You can download Vietnamese movies on our site! After the reunification of South and Northern Vietnam filmmaking industry began slowly to rise up. Best Vietnamese movies were created by European productions. The Lover (1992) by Jean-Jacques Annaud and Indochine (1992) directed by Régis Wargnier starring with Catherine Deneuve and Vincent Perez were highly critically acclaimed. Indochine received Academy Award and The Golden Globe Award for The Best Foreign Film. Nowadays young directors move closer to the commercial Vietnamese movies. Download movies from our site in high quality!

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Bay Rong

Trinh, a mercenary, must complete a series of organized crime jobs for her boss in order to win the release of her kidnapped daughter. She hires several mercenaries to help, including Quan, who she becomes attracted to. Trinh and Quan's relationship becomes complicated as it becomes evident that their motivations are not the same.

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