Brighton Rock was filmed in 1947. We can attribute this movie to the genre:

Brighton Rock

Brighton Rock 1947
Actors: David S. Ward
Eriq La Salle
Gino Buzzanca
Maru Valdivielso
Nancho Novo
Fele Martínez
Najwa Nimri
Ryan Ehrenworth
Nathan Greno
Brent Barrett
Director(s): Peru Medem  
IMDB Rating:7.5 out of 10 (1801 votes)  


Plot Summary:

Pinkie Brown is a small-town hoodlum whose gang runs a protection racket based at Brighton race course. When Pinkie orders the murder of a rival, Fred, the police believe it to be suicide. This doesn't convince Ida Arnold, who was with Fred just before he died, and she sets out to find the truth. She comes across naive waitress Rose, who can prove that Fred was murdered. In an attempt to keep Rose quiet Pinkie marries her. But with his gang beginning to doubt his ability, and his rivals taking over his business, Pinkie starts to become more desperate and violent.

It's easy to get dewy-eyed over a great old novel and film like 'Brighton Rock' and shriek when you...

While Graham Greene's novel Brighton Rock took place in the 1930's this movie is adapted to the 60's, which I rather enjoyed and preferred.I was ...

This film looks fantastic and really makes you feel part of that period, but unfdortunatelt, there doesn't appear to be a character in the whole film I ...

Stylish but unconvincing - there is something just too clean cut about the characters and the location which don't accord with England in 1964. Perhaps in ...

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