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General conditions

Attention! mymoviemarket (hereinafter referred to as the «Website») provides digital access to media files. This agreement ("Agreement") establishes rights and obligations of the user ("User") and the website administration ("Administration") By registering at the Website, you acknowledge that you have fully read and understood the Agreement and you agree with each clause of this document. The Adminstration reserves the right to change and modify any clause of this Agreement at any time. All update will be published at the Website. The User is solely responsible to read updates published at the Website. If User doesn’t accept any part of the updated Agreement, one must cancel his or her registration at the Website.


To get full access to the Website services User must register by filling out Registration form and clicking Register button. Registration is free of charge. If you forget your password you can either restore it by clicking Forgot password near authorization form or register a new account. The User is responsible for providing authentic personal information. Any User can cancel his account at the Website at any time and stop using Website services accordingly.

Paid services, fees and refunds

All services offered at the Website are provided on the prepaid basis only according to rates and fees stated in the Webiste’s catalogue. The services offered on the Website or the prices for such services are subject to changes at the Administration's sole discretion. To make a purchase the User should add desired products to the basket and make the order. The Administration guarantees your order processing only if the total amount on your account is enough to pay for all ordered services. All orders are paid from User’s account. User should add funds to his account before making order. Alas, the order can be paid via credit car or electronic money systems during order procedure. By paying for the Services the Client fully accepts their cost of terms of their use. The User is obliged to provide valid personal and financial information, including all payment data. All malicious attempts and any fraud orders will be blocked. All information gathered on such attempts will immediately be send to authorities. Suspicious and fraudulent orders may be deleted without notification. In this case, money left on the Customer's account will not be refunded. The User is solely responsible for keeping login and password safe. If you believe that your login and password have been stolen, please contact our Support team via your registration e-mail. Your account will be temporary blocked.


  1. User’s account balance cannot be refunded. All payments are not refundable, excluding situations when User has funds to his account by mistake and he hasn’t made any purchases on the Website.
  2. Refund can be requested during 48 hours since his account was refilled. The Administration is not responsible for the compatibility of the purchased media with User’s software. In case of incompatibility refunds will not be made.

Copyright and responsibility

  1. The User may need third-party software for using Site’s Services. The User is fully responsible for using any software as well as for any expenses related to the use of the Site (internet traffic, software etc.)
  2. The Administration is not responsible for the quality of the Client’s internet connection therefore declines all responsibility for any financial losses or damage caused by the internet connection or provider problems.
  3. All materials presented on this Website are available for the distribution over the Internet in accordance with the license of the Russian Organization for multimedia and Digital Systems (ROMS) and intended for personal use only. Further distribution, resale or broadcasting is strictly prohibited.
  4. The Website remunerates the fees for every downloaded File in accordance with the license agreement.
  5. All trade marks, trade names, company names, slogans, logos, and any other copyright items, which can be seen on the Site pages in various contexts, are the property of their respective owners. The Users are not allowed to copy, distribute or use them without written permission from the owners.
  6. The Client is solely responsible for using downloaded media in accordance with local and international laws. The Site Administration shall not be held liable for the possible use of information received from the Website for any purposes prohibited by legislation or infringing copyright. The users are personally responsible for any unlawful or unauthorized use of any content of the Site.
  7. This Website may contain links to other independent third-party's websites. The Administration is not responsible for its content.

Privacy Policy

By using this website you are agree with Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions. If you disagree with any clause of this document, please be advised not to open our website. The Website Administration reserves the right to change registration procedure or the way the services are rendered.

IP Address

We collect statistics on customers’ IP addresses to provide better services and solve technical problems. Information on IP addresses can also be used to control the legality of payments made. The Administration agrees not to abuse IP address data as well as not to disclose it to third parties excluding cases provided by the federal law.


We use Cookies for storing technical identification information after the user’s authorization on the Site and speeding up Website work. Cookies are not used to store any other data (logins, passwords, financial or/and other information). If you disablecookies you will not be able to access those parts of the Webgsite which require authorization such as personal account, downloads etc..

Personal Information

Every time you refer to the Website, we collect to your personal data such as downloads list, e-mail address, statistics, etc. The Site Administration agrees not to abuse this data and not to disclose it (unless agreed with the user beforehand).

Financial Information

All financial information provided by users during the ordering and payment procedures (e.g., credit card details, etc.) are transferred securely (via encoded channels) and, thus, unavailable to any third-party including The Administration.

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